Stephen Williams, MD, PhD

Williams, Stephen 2016 120x160Stephen Williams, MD, PhD, is currently Chief Medical Officer, SomaLogic Inc. in Boulder CO. SomaLogic is a diagnostics and life sciences company that uses novel and proprietary affinity reagents called SOMAmers [slow off-rate modified aptamers]. Steve is currently responsible for the development of the diagnostics pipeline and the “wellness chip”.

In 2007 Steve co-founded Decisionability LLC, a Pharma consultancy and authored the book “Decisionability: The Skill to Make Your Decisions Productive, Practical and Painless”. From 1989-2007 Steve was at Pfizer Inc., initially in the Experimental Medicine group working in Exploratory Clinical Development and subsequently as VP, Worldwide Head, Clinical Technology. From 2003-2007 Steve was on the National Advisory Council for Biomedical imaging and Bioengineering at the National Institutes of Health. He helped to launch the Alzheimer’s Disease NeuroImaging (ADNI) study and was an instigator in the formation of the FDA-FNIH-PhRMA biomarker consortium, serving on the inaugural Executive Committee. He led or co-led the PhRMA position papers on “proof of concept”, surrogate endpoints and evidentiary standards for biomarkers and diagnostics.

Steve has degrees in physiology, medicine, surgery and a PhD in medicine and physiology from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School, (now a part of Imperial College, London), and also obtained training in diagnostic imaging at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.