Rajeev Menon PhD

Dr. Rajeev Menon PhD, is an Associate Director in the Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics Group at Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, Illinois. Dr Menon received his Ph.D., in Pharmaceutics from the School of Pharmacy, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University. After completing his Ph.D., Dr Menon has been working on understanding the Clinical Pharmacology of drugs in various therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, renal and infectious diseases. Dr Menon's research interests include studying the pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics of compounds and using quantitative pharmacology to predict treatment outcomes to improve decision making in drug development. At Abbott, Dr Menon has been working in Clinical Pharmacology of antiviral compounds for the treatment of Hepatitis C infections for over 3 years. He has been involved with several clinical studies evaluating antiviral compounds for the treatment of Hepatitis C infections. Dr Menon's work in antivirals and other therapeutic areas has been presented at various national and international conferences.