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  Session 1: Biomarker development
 Lefebvre, Eric 2016 120x160
Need for Biomarker Development in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Dr. E. Lefebvre
Tobira Therapeutics Inc. , USA
 Connelly, Margery 2016
Principles of Biomarker Development

Dr. M. Connelly
LabCorp (LipoScience) , USA
 Chakravarthy, Manu 2016 120x160
Biomarkers: what can be learned from type 2 diabetes (soon available)
Dr. M. Chakravarthy
Eli Lilly & Co , USA

Defining the gold standard in Biomarker Validation in NAFLD
Dr. A. Sanyal
Virginia Commonwealth University , UA

 O_01 - Novel Method for Measuring Hepatic Collagen Turnover Rate in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Comparison of Blood and Liver Biopsy Biomarkers of Fibrogenesis (Not available)
Dr. M. Hellerstein
University of California, Berkeley , USA
 O_02 - Performance of non-invasive tests in the staging of fibrosis in patients with NAFLD: interim results of a prospective multicentre study
Dr. P. Eddowes
University of Birmingham , United Kingdom
  Session 2: NAFLD Biomarkers
 Puri, Puneet (from web) 120x160
Lipid and Bile acids as NAFLD-related biomarkers
Dr. P. Puri
Virginia Commonwealth University , USA
 Chalasani, Naga 2015 120x160
Proteomics-based biomarker discovery in NAFLD
Dr. N. Chalasani
Indiana University Department of Medicine , USA
 Hum, Dean 2016 120x160
Circulating nucleic acid-based biomarkers in NAFLD (Not available)
Dr. D. Hum
Genfit , France
 Williams, Stephen 2016 120x160
Study Design and endpoints in Omics-based biomarker studies
Dr. S. Williams
SomaLogic , USA
  Session 3: Biomarkers for special patient populations
  Karpen, Saul 2016 120x160
Biomarker development in pediatric NAFLD: special challenges in a special population (Not Available)

Dr. S. Karpen
Emory University School of Medicine , USA
 Hoshida, Yujin 2016 120x160
Potential approach to identify the NAFLD patient who will develop HCC

Dr. Y. Hoshida
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai , USA
  Session 4: The role of diagnostics
  Kim, Ray 2016 120x160
Simple laboratory based indices

Dr. R. Kim
Stanford University Medical Center , USA
  Previs, Stephen 2016 120x160
Dynamic measurement of physiologic functions: any role in NASH diagnostics

Dr. S. Previs
Merck & Co , USA
  Gillevet, Patrick 2016 120x160
Microbiome: diagnostic considerations

Dr. P. Gillevet
George Mason University , USA
 O_07 - Early Changes in Plasma Adiponectin Identify Future Responders to Pioglitazone Therapy in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) (Not available)
Dr. K. Cusi
University of Florida , USA
 O_03 - A non-invasive lipidomic test accurately discriminates NASH from steatosis: a blind validation study
Dr. T. Montgomery
OWL Metabolomics , USA
  Session 5: Imaging strategies
  Taouli, Bachir 2016 120x160
Noninvasive imaging methods for assessment of liver damage in NASH

Dr. B. Taouli
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai , USA
 Middleton, Michael 2016 120x160
Methods of MR fat quantification and their pros and cons

Dr. M. Middleton
UC San Diego , USA
 Banerjee, Rajarshi 2016 120x160
LiverMultiScan – quantitative MR imaging for NASH

Dr. R. Banerjee
Perspectum Diagnostics , United Kingdom
 Vuppalanchi, Raj 2016 120x160
NASH and Fibroscan

Dr. R. Vuppalanchi
Indiana University School of Medicine , USA
  O_04 - Blood-based Protein Biomarkers of NASH
Dr. S. Williams
SomaLogic, Inc. , USA
  O_05 - Validation of multiparametric MRI in the assessment and staging of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Dr. P. Eddowes
University of Birmingham , United Kingdom
 O_06 - Longitudinal changes in FIB-4 and improvement in fibrosis stage with obeticholic acid: A secondary analysis of FLINT Trial
Dr. A. Sanyal
Intercept Pharmaceuticals , USA
  Session 6: Next steps in biomarkers development

Quantitative measures of liver health
Dr. G. Everson
University of Colorado Denver , USA