Mats Karlsson, PhD, FCP, FISoP

Karlsson, Mats 2019 120x160Prof. Mats Karlsson, is Professor of Pharmacometrics at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. His research focus is methodological development and application of pharmacometrics to drug development and drug usage. In particular, the development of methodology for model building and model evaluation has been theme in the research and the resulting methods disseminated in freeware.

His pharmacodynamic contributions spans many therapeutic areas including autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrinology, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and oncology. He has authored more than 350 publications in the field and received awards from ACCP, ACoP, ASCPT, EUFEPS, ISoP and PKUK. He is engaged in education in the area of pharmacometrics at all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and continued education and 60 PhD students have graduated from the research group he leads.