Kogieleum Naidoo, MD

Kogieleum Naidoo is head of the Treatment Research Program at the Centre of the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA). She is the lead investigator in CAPRISA studies aimed at optimizing treatment strategies for TB-HIV co-infected patients; leads all Adult AIDS Clinical trial Group (ACTG) network trials undertaken by CAPRISA; and is co-Principal Investigator on the PEPfAR funded Durban and Vulindlela CAPRISA AIDS Treatment Program. Dr Naidoo is currently the PI of the CAPRISA study on TB recurrence in TB-HIV co-infected patients, previously successfully treated for TB.  Her most significant scientific contribution is the CAPRISA SAPiT trial, which served as the basis for the 2009 WHO Rapid Advice on TB-HIV treatment integration. These findings were subsequently incorporated into the WHO international guidelines, the US government DHHS guidelines and the South African guidelines for treatment of TB-HIV co-infected individuals. She is an Advisor, guiding policy on TB-HIV service integration in KwaZulu-Natal. Her research on immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome and rifampicin-efavirenz drug interactions has been influential in defining treatment strategies for these two common complications of integrating TB-HIV treatment. She serves as a reviewer for several leading journals and was awarded the Fogarty Ellison Research Scholarship in Global Health in 2005.