Khisi Mdluli

Mdluli, Khisi 2017Khisi Mdluli, PhD is a Microbiologist with pharmaceutical industry experience in antibiotic development, and anti-TB drug development in particular. He has extensive experience in early drug discovery and development with skills ranging from as early in the development pipeline as target discovery, target validation and assay development, all the way through lead optimization to pre-clinical drug development. He has been instrumental in defining the mechanism of action for both clinically important anti-TB drugs and novel antibiotics.

He has a keen interest in defining the contribution of individual drugs in clinical TB regimens. As the Director of Biology at the TB Alliance, he manages various drug development projects, including collaborations with academic scientists, pharmaceutical partners and contract research organizations. He has successfully managed the TB Alliance-JHU Pre-Clinical Drug Combination Testing project since its inception to the current stage where a number of novel drug combinations have been identified that have demonstrated improved sterilizing activity compared to the standard of care, RHZE, requiring shorter durations of therapy to achieve a sustainable, relapse-free cure in mice. Some of these novel regimens are currently undergoing clinical evaluation, including against XDR-TB.