Jürgen Rockstroh, MD, PhD

Jürgen Rockstroh, MD, is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Bonn and has been Head of an HIV outpatient clinic since 1995. He is an investigator from various protease inhibitor studies and has considerable experience with various antiretroviral drug regimens and clinical trials for treatment of HIV and hepatitis co-infection. He has been elected chair of the KAAD (German Clinical AIDS Working Group) since 1998. Dr. Rockstroh's department treats the world's largest cohort of HIV-infected haemophiliacs. His research interests encompass protease inhibitor therapy, including dual regimens, the course of HIV disease in haemophiliacs, HIV/HCV co-infection, and cytokines and apoptosis before and after antiretroviral therapy. He is a prolific speaker at international conferences and has published more than 100 articles and book chapters.