Joan Butterton, MD

Butterton, Joan web Dr. Joan Butterton, M.D., is a Senior Director in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Merck Research Laboratories, a Clinical Associate in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (part time) at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Dr. Butterton received her M.D. from Harvard Medical School, and completed a residency in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  After completing a clinical and research fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the MGH, Dr. Butterton joined the faculty of the Infectious Disease Division in 1996, conducting basic bench research in bacterial pathogenesis and attending on the inpatient consultation service.  Her laboratory focused on the pathogenesis of Vibrio cholerae and enterohemorrhagic E. coli.  Since joining the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Merck in 2006, Dr. Butterton has worked on multiple infectious disease programs, including serving as co-chair of the HIV early development team and Clinical Pharmacology lead for the Isentress development team.  She is currently the Clinical Pharmacology lead for the Victrelis development team.