Jerry Nedelman, PhD

Jerry R. Nedelman, PhD, is Senior Director, Pharmacometrics, at TB Alliance, which he joined in February 2017. He applies quantitative clinical pharmacology and model-based drug development to characterize exposure/response relationships, evaluate the benefit/risk tradeoff, and inform clinical development planning. Jerry received his BA in Mathematics from University of Cincinnati in 1975 and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in 1981. After a postdoctoral fellowship at The Rockefeller University he taught at Clemson University and The State University at Albany. His academic research focused on mathematical applications in biology such as cell population dynamics and malaria epidemiology. In 1991 he was recruited to start a Pharmacometrics group in the Clinical Pharmacology department of Novartis (then Sandoz) Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey. He remained at Novartis for 25 years, fostering and applying modeling-and-simulation methodologies for preclinical and clinical drug development across all therapeutic areas, specializing in statistical modeling and population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics.