NASH Biomarkers Workshop 2018

NASH Biomarkers 2018 - web bannerWe are proud to announce the 3rd International Workshop on NASH Biomarkers, to be held in Washington DC, USA on 18-19 May 2018.

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  • The meeting proceedings from the previous edition are published here

  Meeting Objectives

  • Review the current regulatory landscape and gaps in regulatory science related to biomarker development for NAFLD
  • Review the gaps in evidence needed to qualify specific biomarkers for NAFLD
  • Stimulate collaborative science to accelerate biomarker development for NAFLD
  • Promote innovation in design and analytic approaches to biomarker development for NAFLD

Introduction by the meeting chairs 

The recognition of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) as a significant cause of morbidity and mortality around the globe has generated much activity in therapeutic and diagnostic development. Histology based assessments requiring liver biopsies remains the NASH diagnostic standard; drug developers and clinical researchers are challenged by the lack of accepted and/or validated non-invasive diagnostic, prognostic and endpoint biomarkers. Collaboration across sectors and stakeholders will facilitate progress along the path to acceptance, validation and/or qualification of non-invasive biomarkers.

Building on the successes of two previous editions, this public, abstract driven workshop will provide the much needed time and space to focus on NASH biomarker development by bringing together all the key individuals and organizations in the field of NASH Biomarkers. During this workshop, we will hear from the leaders in the field as we consider collaborative pathways to accelerate the pace of development by increasing efficiency and productivity. By sharing knowledge, coordinating activities, and working through the complex issues surrounding NASH, the NASH Biomarkers Workshop will continue to impact the advancement of the field.

The NASH Biomarkers workshop is co-organized by the Liver Forum and Expert Medical Events. We would like to encourage you to submit your data and join us at this important program!

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