International Workshop on Innovative Treatment Strategies in Infectious Diseases 2020

Drug development has made remarkable steps in recent years. These changes range from the advancement of highly potent anti-infectious disease agents, to compounds with limited drug-drug interactions, agents with novel modes of action, and importantly, more favorable formulations. This new repertoire of anti-infectious disease agents such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and long-acting drugs (LADs) will radically change the way infectious diseases (IDs) will be treated in the near future.

To maximize the utility of these novel treatment strategies, it is important that there are cross-disciplinary exchanges of information between the various areas within the ID arena. Considering the importance of mAbs and LADs in the fight against IDs in regards to prevention, prophylaxis, and treatment (both for individual patients and on a public health level), it is vital to inform and educate clinicians on the challenges and opportunities of using these options in their daily practice.


This  two-day  workshop  will  consist  of  several  state-of-the-art  invited  lectures,  round table  discussions,  clinical  case  presentations  and  debates.  The  program  will  be  designed  to  allow  for  maximum  discussion  and  interaction  between  expert faculty and delegates. Panel  discussions  and  Q&A  sessions  are  designed  to  foster  spirited and lively discussions on provocative scientific topics that address knowledge gaps in clinical care.

The workshop will be topped off with a workshop dinner and social events to allow for the perfect opportunity to engage in more informal discussion among attendees.

Meeting Objectives

The main goal of this workshop is to provide a platform for discussion on the latest research in the field of new anti-infectious disease agents and their relevance to routine clinical practice.

This workshop aims to catalyze the clinical research on these ID agents across the different disease areas. In doing so, this will advance the field by optimizing treatment strategies for ID patients.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this unique translational workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Define the rationale of using mAbs and LADs to combat infectious diseases
  • Summarize the process of identification, optimization and development of new anti-infectious disease agents
  • Summarize the latest developments in the field of anti-infectious disease agents and their relevance for patients and public health
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities in using anti-infectious disease agents in clinical practice
  • Discuss the importance of anti-infectious disease agents and the way forward in research and clinical practice

Who Should Attend

  • ID clinicians and other healthcare providers (HCPs) caring for ID patients who will benefit from more knowledge on the latest insights into the research and use of innovative anti-infectious disease agents in clinical practice
  • HCPs involved in the research and application of new anti-infectious disease agents.