The program of ICPAD 2019 will consist of state of the art lectures, oral abstract presentations and poster viewing sessions. Ample time will be allocated for discussions.

* The below agenda is subject to change.


Day 1 - Thursday, 21 November 2019

 08:00Registration and welcome coffee 
 Session 1: Redesigning studies and endpoints with immuno oncology
Chairs: Howard Gurney & Nielka van Erp

Ruth Plummer, MDChanges and challenges in early phase trial endpoints
Ruth Plummer
Newcastle University, UK



Calvo, Emiliano 2019 120x160New designs for early clinical trials of IO drugs
Emiliano Calvo
START Madrid, Centro Integral Oncológico Clara Campal, Hospital Madrid Norte Sanchinarro, Madrid, Spain
  Abstract-driven presentations 

Prediction of Capecitabine induced Severe Toxicity using Machine Learning Techniques (#01)
Maël Steunou, France

 09:45Long term pemetrexed-based cancer treatment leads to nephrotoxicity (#02)
Nikki De Rouw, the Netherlands
 10:00Discussion & session evaluation 
 10:30Coffee Break 
 Session 2: Imaging, genetics and environment
Chairs: Nielka van Erp & Stijn Koolen
 11:00Jorritsma-Smit, Annelies 2019 120x160The use of radiolabeled and fluorescent monoclonal antibodies for molecular imaging in oncology
Annelies Jorritsma-Smit
University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands
 11:30Schalken, Jack 2019 120x160The long and winding road of the clinical introduction of a biomarker
Jack Schalken
Radboud University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  Abstract-driven presentations

Epigenetic Regulation of OCTN1-mediated Cytarabine Transport in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (#03)
Jason Anderson, USA

 12:15Comprehensive Pan-Cancer analysis of somatic mutations in drug transporters to reveal acquired and intrinsic drug resistance in 3149 metastatic cancer patients (#04)
Wesley Van De Geer, the Netherlands
 12:30Discussion & session evaluation 
 Session 3: PK/PD studies and new strategies
Chairs: Maria Jesus Garrido & Lena Friberg

Piet van der Graaf, PhDHow system pharmacology can facilitate clinical drug development in oncology
Piet van der Graaf
Certara, the Netherlands


Mats Karlsson, PhD, FCP, FISoPImpact of immortal time and selection bias on exposure-response modelling
Mats Karlsson
Uppsala University, Sweden


Clinical pharmacology strategy for development and labelling of new medicine in the era of targeted therapy and accelerated approvals in oncology
Berges, Alienor 2019 120x160

Alienor Berges
Astrazeneca Cambridge, UK 

Schalkwijk, Stein 2019 120x160

Stein Schalkwijk
Astrazeneca Cambridge, UK

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 15:30Quantitative modeling of inter-lesion and inter-organ variability of tumor size (#05)
Sreenath Krishnan, Sweden
 15:45Population pharmacodynamics modelling of circulating lymphocyte count over time in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients under ibrutinib treatment (#06)
Fanny Gallais, France
 16:00Discussion & session evaluation 
 16:30Poster viewing session 1 (#13-21) & welcome drinks 
 18:00Networking dinner (optional) 

Day 2 - Friday, 22 November 2019

 Session 4: Optimal study design & biomarker selection and validation
Chairs: Michelle Rudek & Etienne Chatelut

Optimal study design of oncology trials
Patricia LoRusso
Yale Cancer Center, USA

 09:00Jamois, Candice 2019 120x160Challenges in the development of immunotherapy
Candice Jamois
Roche, Switzerland
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 09:30Pharmacokinetics and safety of pazopanib in frail elderly patients (#07)
Félicien Le Louedec, France
 09:45Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic analysis of mitotane in adrenocortical carcinoma patients: towards individualized dosing (#08)
Anyue Yin, the Netherlands
 10:00Discussion & session evaluation 
 10:30Poster viewing session 2 (#22-29) & coffee break 
 Session 5: Drug-Drug / Drug-Food / Drug-environmental interactions
Chairs: Ron Mathijssen & Howard Gurney

Nielka van Erp, PharmD, PhDDrug - Food interaction an unrealized potential
Nielka van Erp
Radboud University Medical Centre, The Netherlands


Etienne Chatelut, PharmD, PhDChallenges in treating geriatric patients with cancer
Etienne Chatelut
Toulouse University Cancer Institute-Oncopole, France

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 12:00Modulation of CYP3A activity to increase the oral bioavailability of ibrutinib (#09)
Eric Eisenmann, USA
 12:15Effects of dietary restriction in cancer patients receiving irinotecan (#10)
Ruben Van Eerden, the Netherlands
 12:30Discussion & session evaluation 
 Session 6: Dose individualization approaches
Chairs: Michelle Rudek & Etienne Chatelut

Neeltje Steeghs, MD, PhDDose individualization potential for oral targeted oncolytics
Neeltje Steeghs
Netherland Cancer Institute, the Netherlands


Stijn Koolen, PharmD, PhDDose individualization potential for checkpoint inhibitors
Stijn Koolen
Erasmus Medical Centre, The Netherlands

  Abstract-driven presentation 
 15:00Influence of probenecid on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of sorafenib (#11)
Koen Hussaarts, the Netherlands
 15:15Correlation between sunitinib exposure and toxicity in a real-life patient cohort (#12)
Kim Westerdijk, the Netherlands
 15:30Discussion & session evaluation 
  Closing of the workshop by the conference chairs