The European NASH Workshop will feature an exceptional program including sessions on:

1. Natural history and Epidemology 
2. Clinical Management of NASH - Obesity Management
3. Clinical Management of NASH - Diabetes Management
4. Clinical Management of NASH - Pediatrics NAFLD
5. NASH Management
6. NASH and comorbidities
7. Future treatment and management options

Day 1 

08:30 Registration & walk-in Coffee
Opening Session
Chair(s): Jeffrey Lazarus
09:00Workshop opening
Session 1: Natural History and Epidemology
Chairs: TBD
 09:10Natural History of NASH
Massimo, Colombo MD
University of Milan, Milan, Italy
 09:30NASH epidemology
Homie Razavi, PhD
Center for Disease Analysis, Louisville CO, USA
 09:50How to diagnose NASH 
 10:10Panel Discussion
 10:45Coffee break
Session 2: Clinical Management of NASH - Obesity Management
Chairs: TBD
 11:15Invited lecture
Shira Zelber-Sagi, BSc, RD, PhD
University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel
 11:35Clinical Case presentation
 11:55Clinical Case presentation
 12:15Lunch & Poster viewing
Session 3: Clinical Management of NASH - Diabetes Managment
Chairs: TBD
 13:45Invited Lecture
 14:05Clinical Case presentation
 14:25Clinical Case presentation
Session 4: Clinical Management of NASH - Pediatrics NAFLD
Chairs: TBD
 14:45Invited Lecture
Valerio Nobili, MD
 “Bambino Gesù” Children's Hospital, Rome, Italy

Clinical Case presentation

 15:25Clinical Case presentation
Session 5: NASH Management
Chairs: TBD
 16:15New Biomarkers in NAFLD
Manuel Romero-Gomez, MD
University of Seville, Spain
 16:35How to implement a healthy life style in NAFLD/NASH patients
Helena Cortez-Pinto, MD
University of Lisbon, Protugal
 16:55Management of Lean NASH
Javier Ampuero, MD
University of Seville, Spain
 17:10Roundtable Discussion on the interface of primary and secondary care
 17:45Open Poster Session & Welcome Reception
 19:30Workshop Dinner

Day 2 

Session 6: NASH and comorbidities
Chairs: TBD
09:00NASH/NAFLD as cause for HCC
Jordi Bruix, MD, PhD
Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
09:20Cardiovascular risk in NAFLD
Jörn Schattenberg, MD
University of Mainz, Germany
09:40Clinical case presentation
Ali Canbay, MD
University of Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany
10:00Roundtable Discussion: Current guidelines -  still relevant or in need for review?
 10:30Coffee break
Session 7: Future treatment and management options
  Chairs: TBD
11:00Invited Lecture
11:20Patient perspective
11:40Roundtable discussion on challenges and future trends
 12:30Closing remarks
 12:40Closure of the Workshop