Tuesday, 23 October 2018

  08:30Workshop Opening
Rob Aarnoutse, PharmD, PhD
Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands
 Session 1: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new TB drugs
Chairs: Rob Aarnoutse & Jan-Willem Alfenaar
  08:45New developments in pediatric TB treatment
Anneke Hesseling
Desmond Tutu Tuberculosis Centre, South Africa
  Oral abstract presentations
 9:30 CPK/PD Support for a Phase 1 Study of TBA-7371
Jerry Nedelman, PhD
 9:45Bedaquiline appears to antagonize its own main metabolite’s QTcF interval
prolonging effect
Lénaïg Tanneau, PhD
 10:00Translational pharmacokinetic modelling & simulation of an experimental long-acting injectable formulation of bedaquiline
An Vermeulen, PhD
 10:15TPreclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Analysis of Delamanid
Suresh Mallikaarjun, PHD, FCP
 10:30Coffee Break + Poster session I
Posters 21 - 27
 Session 2: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of approved TB drugs
Chairs: Geraint Davies & Helen McIlleron
  Oral Abstract presentations
 11:15Higher rifampicin and isoniazid concentrations in epithelial lining fluid are associated with improved response to treatment in pulmonary TB
Andrew McCallum, MBChB
 11:30Rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide exposures in children with DS-TB on
WHO-recommended FDCs in the SHINE trial
Helen McIlleron, MBChB, PhD
 11:45Nevirapine pharmacokinetics in HIV-infected persons receiving rifapentine and isoniazid for TB prevention
Anthony Podany, PharmD
 12:00Fluoroquinolones in the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: experience from three US TB treatment centers
Charles Peloquin, PharmD
 12:15Clofazimine pharmacokinetics in South African patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis
Sean Wasserman, MBChB, MMed
 12:30Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Target Attainment Analysis of Cycloserine in TB Patients
Charles Peloquin, PharmD
 12:45Lunch & Group Photo
 13:30Poster Session II
Posters 28 - 35
 Session 3: Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling
 Chairs: Jerry Nedelman & Eric Nuermberger
  14:15Treatment of Multi-Drug Resistant TB
Bob Horsburgh
  Oral abstract presentations
 15:00High peak rifampicin concentrations accelerate the slow phase of bacterial elimination in tuberculosis patients
Antal Martinecz
 15:15The Clinical value of Model-based Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Tuberculosis Treatment – Optimized Target for Rifampicin
Robin J Svensson
 15:30Model-based meta-analysis of rifampicin exposure and mortality in phase II
tuberculosis meningitis trials
Elin M Svensson
 15:45Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of pretomanid in pulmonary
tuberculosis patients
Michael Lyons, PhD
 16:00Coffee Break + Poster Session III
Posters 36 - 43
 Session 4: Drug development and optimization: approaches and tools
Chairs: Charles Peloquin & Kelly Dooley
  Oral Abstract presentations
 16:45Clinical Validation of Intracellular Pharmacodynamic (PDi) based modelling for the prediction of Fluoroquinolone activity against TB
Ghaith Aljayyoussi, PhD
 17:00PK-PD arguments for bedaquiline and delamanid replacement of aminoglycosides in MDR-TB regimens
Jansy Sarathy, PhD
 17:15Pharmacodynamic Correlates of Linezolid Activity and Toxicity in a Mouse TB Model
Kristina Bigelow, MS
 17:30Delamanid Central Nervous System Pharmacokinetics in Tuberculous Meningitis
Elizabeth Tucker, MD
 17:45Protein binding of rifampicin is not saturated when using high-dose rifampicin
Carlijn  Litjens, MSc
 18:00Using Mycobacterium tuberculosis single nucleotide polymorphisms to predict fluoroquinolone treatment response
Timothy Rodwell, MD PhD MPH
  18:15Closure and adjournment
Charles Peloquin, PharmD
 19:30Dinner at Restaurant La Passione