Online Course on Emerging Concepts in Anticancer Drug Developments

We are pleased to introduce you the online course on Emerging Concepts in Anticancer Drug Development and Clinical Pharmacology (ECADDCP)

The complex landscape of oncology drug development is moving away from traditional dosing based on toxicity. As conventional strategies are becoming obsolete, it is vital for industry professional to keep abreast of the novel approaches and modern tools that are becoming available in the development of anticancer drugs.

Developed by the award winning and honorary fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology Mark J. Ratain, MD, this advanced course focuses on new directions in drug development strategies and will include discussion of drug combinations, immunotherapy, and oral dosing regimens. Mathematical approaches will be introduced, including studies on pharmacodynamic biomarkers and pharmacometric modelling of efficacy and toxicity.

This ambitious program is delivered by the top oncology experts and thought leaders. This is a unique opportunity for oncologists and clinical pharmacologists involved in early clinical trials to optimize their professional performance and practice in an ever-changing and antagonistic landscape.

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