Elisabeth Rouits, PharmD, PhD

Rouits, Elisabeth 2017Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Drug Metabolism, Translational Medicine (Debiopharm International SA)

Elisabeth Rouits has over 15 years of experience in clinical pharmacology with an expertise in oncology drugs. She was trained at the Cancer Research Centers of Angers and Toulouse (France). After her PharmD degree focusing on 5-Fluorouracile and Oxaliplatin synergy, she obtained her PhD on the development of an Irinotecan PK/PD dosing optimization strategy based on pharmacogenetics, pharmacokinetics as well as biochemical tools. After her hospital experience, she joined UCB (Belgium) where she developed M&S (Modeling & Simulation) strategies for small and large molecules in oncology, inflammation, and epilepsy.

She joined Debiopharm International SA (Lausanne, Switzerland) in 2012 and is responsible for the M&S activities and clinical pharmacology program of several oncology drugs. She brings her support for the evaluation and the clinical development strategy of new molecules either owned by Debiopharm or evaluated for in-licensing purpose. She works in collaboration with recognized pharmacometrics experts in the academic and consulting business fields to implement a robust clinical pharmacology strategy supported by pharmacometrics approaches.

Her main interest is to develop strategies for dosing optimization and individualization of cancer therapy.