Bonnie Mathieson, PhD

Dr. Bonnie Mathieson, B.S. in Botany, 1967 from the University of Illinois. Trained in retrovirology, immunology and genetics at Stanford University and Sloan Kettering/Cornell (Weill-Cornell) University Medical School, receiving a PhD in Biology, 1975. Conducted Post-doctoral and Staff Fellow research at NIAID, NIH on lymphocyte surface markers and T cell subsets, 1975-1982. Continued studies on T and B lymphocytes as a Member, Basel Institute for Immunology, 1982-1983. As Lab Head, conducted research on T cell subsets and NK cells in the BRMP, NCI-Frederick Cancer Research Facility, 1983-1989.  Served as a Program Officer in the Vaccine Branch, Division of AIDS, NIAID developing several RFAs and RFPs for research on HIV vaccines, immunology and pediatric AIDS, 1989-1995. Served as Chair of the HIV/AIDS Vaccine Coordinating Committee, OAR; reviewing, planning and advocating budget allocations for HIV/AIDS vaccine-related research, 1995 to present.  Served on the WHO-UNAIDS Vaccine Advisory Committee for 7 years and on advisory boards to other groups. Published over 125 articles and chapters and received several performance awards at NIH and the 2003 Alumnus Award from Weill-Cornell Medical College.