About us

Expert Medical Events is a project management company that initiates and organizes state-of-the-art educational programs and scientific forums for international interchange. Our programs are designed for professionals with professionals and we focus on the presentation, discussion and translation of complex scientific data and new medical findings to daily clinical practice. 

We aim at providing top quality scientific programs by involving international key opinion leaders and at developing activities that are precisely tailored to the needs of medical researchers and healthcare professionals. Our programs range from international abstract-driven workshops to small and large scale educational meetings, masterclasses, advisory boards, expert rounds, satellite symposia,  etc.

All of our programs are characterized by their independent nature, which is certified through CME accreditation if applicable.

Expert Medical Events is a sister company of Virology Education, a medical education company that has over 13 year’s experience in the field of antiviral therapy. Both organizations are supported by a highly qualified team of event managers with a long experience in developing and organizing medical events.

We are incessantly reviewing the need for education and international scientific forums on topics that need independent scientific Given the success and reward that we have gained from our projects in the last 13 years, we are extremely motivated to continue our activities in the field of medical education and to give our utmost in order to be able to contribute to the enhancement of knowledge of professionals in the medical field.

If you know of existing or emerging needs for interchange and/or education on important medical topics, we would like to invite you to contact us. We will do our best to develop tailored programs and bring pressing topics to the attention of the medical world!

Alice Posthumus-Plantinga
Managing Director

Expert Medical Events
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The Netherlands
P: +31 (0)30 230 7140
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